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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the characters in the Clan?
Who are the characters related to Jondalar?
What are the pets Ayla has?
Who are the other characters in the book? Can you list them?
Who are the people mentioned in the books?
Who is Ayla?
Can you give a summary of Ayla's life?
What does Ayla look like?
Where was Ayla born?
Why does everyone like Ayla?
What is the Earth's Children Series [ECS]?
What are the names of the books?
Can you explain some of the terms on your page? I don't understand them.
What are Cro Magnons and Neanderthals?

Character FAQ


Q: Who are the characters in the Clan?
A: Here is a list:
Iza: The medicine woman of the clan who takes the place of Ayla's mother.
Uba: Iza's Real daughter, a girl of the clan- Vorn's Mate.
Creb: The oldest of the three siblings-Creb, Brun, Iza-He is also the Mogur or holy man.
Ayla, Iza, Uba and Durc live at his hearth.
Durc: Ayla's Child.
Brun: The leader of the clan.
Ebra: Brun's Wife.
Broud: The Leader-to-be who hates Ayla because she stole the spotlight from him at his
Manhood crermony.
Oga: Broud's Wife.
Droog: The tool maker, Goov's Dad.
Goov: The Mogur's Acolite.
Aga: Droog's New Wife. Vorn's and Ona's Mom.
Vorn: The future second-in-command. He is one year younger than Ayla.
Ona: The little girl Ayla saves from drowning.
Aba: Aga's Mom.
Grod: a hunter.
Uka: Droog's wife, Orva's Mom. Ebra's sister.
Orva: Uka's Daughter.
Zoug: Grod's Dad, he hunts with the sling and respects Ayla and thinks she isn't as bad as
Broud thinks.
Crug: a hunter.
Ika: Crug's Wife, Borg's Mom.
Dorv: Ika's Dad.
Borg: a little boy in the clan.


Q: Who are the characters related to Jondalar?
A: Here is a list:
Jondalar: Ayla's sweetie.
Marthona: Jonís mommie.
Dalanar: Jonís dad.
Joharron: Jonís older brother.
Joconan: Joharronís dad; Marthonaís first husband.
Thonolan: Jonís little brother.
Folara: Jonís little sister.
Willomar: Marthonaís third husband; Thonolanís and Folaraís father.
Joplaya: Jonís cousin; Dalanarís daughter. 2 years younger than Jon.
Jerika: Joplayaís mom; Dalanarís wife.
Marona: Jondalarís ex.

Q: What are the pets Ayla has?
A: Here is a list:
Whinney: Ayla's horse. Ayla killed Whinneyís mom for food so she raised the young female
Racer: Whinney's baby. Jon's horse.
Baby: A cavelion Ayla found lying on the Steps. She only raised it because hyenas were
going to eat it, but a relationship grew over time. Also killed Jonís brother,
Wolf: A wolf Ayla found while with the Mamutoi. Yes, Wolf is its name.

Q: Who are the other characters in the book? Can you list them?
A: I can't possibly list all of them. Sorry.

People groups

Q: Who are the people mentioned in the books?
A: I suppose you mean the groups of people.
The Clan: The people who raised Ayla after she was attacked by a cavelion. They are
Neanderthals, and the Others [Cro-Magnons] call them Ďflatheadsí.
The Mamutoi: The people who Ayla and Jon lived with for a year.
The Sharamudoi: Made up of two people...
The Shamudoi: Land people
The Ramudoi: River people
...who live together in peace to get more out of their surroundings.
The Losadunai: People of the Hot Wells
The S'Armunai: The people who killed passerbyers under a cruel ruler.
The Lanzadonii: The cave of Zelandonii altered a bit. Started by Jondalarís father.
The Zelandonii: Jon's peeps.


Ayla FAQ

Q: Who is Ayla?
A: Ayla is the heroine of the Earth's Children Series.

Q: Can you give a summary of Ayla's life?
A: She was left alone in the world after an earthquake took her family when she was five.
She wandered, and over the days, grew weaker and weaker from not eating. After being
attacked by a cavelion, she passed out by a river. The Clan, after their home was
destroyed by an earthquake, found her, healed her and raised her. Her son was born to the
clan, and when hard times came and forced Ayla to leave, she left him with them. She
wondered, and found a "quaint" little cave, and lived there for three years, making
friends with a horse Whinney, the horses's young Racer, and a cavelion Baby to name a few
animals. Let alone comes Jondalar and Thonolan his brother on their Journey. Baby the lion
kills Thonolan and Jon is hurt. Ayla heals him, and they are one pair of lovers! Anyway,
they travel with the horses [mind you not the lion] to other people, and stay for a year.
Then they travel for a bit more and reach Jonny's homeland.

Q: What does Ayla look like?
A: At the time of The Valley Of Horses [the second book] she is a tall, slender woman,
blue-grey eyes the color of a dull sky, long blond hair, tanned skin.

Q: Where was Ayla born?
A: No one but Jean Auel knows that. We do know that she was traveling alone with her
parents; we don't know about siblings. Aylaís family lived in a lean-to by a river,
probably for all 5 years of her life. There are lots of different places. Turkey and
Hungary have been suggested. Ayla is a Turkish name... But your guess is as good as mine.

Q: Why does everyone like Ayla?
A: I can't answer that for anyone but myself, but I like her because she's smart, pretty
and a kind heroine of a series that's unique. You don't find that too often.


Q: What is the Earth's Children Series [ECS]?
A: The ECS is a series that takes place in prehistoric Europe during the Pleistocene
Epoch in the Ice Age [approximately 25,000-35,000 years ago; not B.C. but years before
present; although 2,000 years doesnít matter much when you compare it to 25,000 years...].
It is about a girl/woman named Ayla [see Ayla FAQ]. It is written by Jean M. Auel.

Q: What are the names of the books?
A: There are four books published...
1)The Clan of the Cavebear
2)The Valley of Horses
3)The Mammoth Hunters
4)The Plains of Passage
...and two unpublished books.
5) The Shelters of Stone
6) Untitled
If you want specific information on each book, go look at each bookís 'page'.

Q: Can you explain some of the terms on your page? I don't understand them.
A: Sure!
Cave: A group of people living together or the shelter that they live in.
Death Curse: A harsh clan punishment where everyone pretends you are dead.
Donii: A carving of a woman, who people believed was their god[dess].
Epoch: A period of time.
Journey: A traveling experience where boys or men travel great disances.
Hearth: Living quarters of a family.
Manhood Ceremony: A ritual of the clan where a boy goes on his first hunt.
Mogur: The spiritual person of the Clan.
Totem: A guiding animal spirit. [Clan]

Q: What are Cro Magnons and Neanderthals?
A: Cro Magnons are the closest relatives to humans today. The second closest are
Neanderthals. All three types of humans are different species.

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