The Rumor Mill

Rumor defined:
rumor \Ru"mor\, n. [F. rumeur, L. rumor; cf. rumificare, rumitare to rumor, Skr. ru to cry.] [Written also rumour.]

  1. 1. A flying or popular report; the common talk; hence, public fame; notoriety.
  2. 2. A current story passing from one person to another, without any known authority for its truth; -- in this sense often personified.

15Feb2002 Note: I'm in the process of moving this from The AuelPage at Geocities to ECfans because the Geocities site is being shut down temporarily whenever we exceed our allocated bandwidth. Yahoo! Geocities says to expect to be shut down whenever your site exceeds approximately 20-25 viewings a day (average site). This page has been averaging about 30 a day alone. I'll be adding the latest Rumors I have on file (and updating the look!) when time permits, since Rumors certainly didn't stop flying after 1999! - Diane in Cincinnati
This is a collection of rumors gleaned from various sources around the internet. I have not included every rumor passed on to me, since the same rumors and slight variations continue, year in and year out, to appear in different countries and different languages around the globe.

The purpose of this collection is not to help spread them, but to help show how ridiculous some of them can be - especially when you put them all together. If all of the following had actually befallen Jean, we'd have the material for a really interesting story!

If you happen to come across one that isn't already represented here, please email it to me and I will add it to our collection!





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